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I get lots of webinar notifications and confirmation.  The problem is that I can't tell when they are until I open them.  Then when I need to find the link to one, I have to go through them again to find the right one.  

I'm sending a screen shot of my email page showing what I mean.  You'll see all of the "Client Webinars" listed, most with a title of some kind, but there are no event dates and times.  You have to continually re-open them to find that information.

Now look at the 4 "Daily Forex Outlook" event confirmations from Tyson Clayton in the middle that haven't even been opened yet.  They list the title, date, and that it's a confirmation right up front so I know exactly which email to go to to attend that event without having to open it.

It would be really helpful if MTI's webinar notifications arrived in a similar fashion.  List the webinar title ... then the date ... then the time ... then "confirmation" first ... like this:

Daily Forex Week In Review - Monday, July 24, 2017, 8:00 am EST, Confirmation



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  • Jul 24 2017
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  • David Reeese commented
    17 Mar, 2018 09:34pm

    I think U might just need to add them to your Calander so it tells you when & Where. You I believe Are experiencing similar problems as a lot of classmates. I know I seem to have more problem knowing how to get it all rolling and then how to get it done. But for me It's more my technical abilities to accomplish their intention.  I know for me I can do it but can I get the right technology to deliver the way I should be 

    . Just a fellow Classey and Friend.       David A Reese There is also a Road map You can reference, courses by # ECT. Hope I Helped cause I do this too> Happy trading and the best 0f Course Learning ....  :]   ?