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An urgent review of the role of Account Manager is needed

When I joined MTI I was led to believe my 'Account Manager ' would be the person I could turn to whatever the issue. This has not been the case and I have spent a frustrating 6 months confused by the whole MTI offering and annoyed by the relentless emails and phone calls as sales pitches for new courses and products (particularly when my Account Manager knows I've struggled to to get the bare minimum funding together to join MTI and start trading)

I'm not having a go at him personally, however, there needs to be a 'trading or learning mentor' role included in the MTI package... if the 'Account Managers' are so tied up and distracted by the selling product aspect of the business.

  • Carol Walmsley
  • Jul 26 2016
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  • Francia Cifuentes commented
    6 Jul, 2018 08:07pm

    It was my turn to find out all about the so called " ACCT MANAGER, MENTORSHIP, COACHING" A LIE !!!!  I got my self into this because of that exact concept. MTI has not such thing. My so called mentor had the nerve to send me to Google or You Tube to find my answer !!!!!!!! He NEVER answer any trading related question I asked. How dare he sent me there after I paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to be guided by him and get his valuable answers !!!!!!! I am furious at this, I asked for the refund of my money. It sounds to me like this is false advertisement !!! They are no mentors !!!!!! They are just sells man trying to sell you every single strategy they have, inundating us with advertisement e mails, there is no money in the universe to buy all they have for sale. I admire the work they put in to teach Forex, there is a great amount of information available for learning, it is also overwhelming. After finding this site and reading all your comments, I identified with all of you and realized I was not the only one feeling this way. 

  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2018 04:02pm

    I cried out load 2 years ago nobody bothered MTI scam me all most £4500.00 Gian Kandola

  • amit katz commented
    2 Apr, 2018 03:16pm


  • Robert Perring commented
    8 Nov, 2017 04:30pm

    If mine get too much I sack them. I have had 4 Account Managers. One was really good, but the others were awful. the last one I sacked Monday. After telling her a number of times to not call me after a certain time. She doesn't call me at the time arranged, but calls me 6 times in my evening when I have explicitly said NO CALLS. Now nobody want to talk to me. I won't be treated like garbage and neither should you. 

  • Saro Jahani commented
    16 Oct, 2017 05:11pm

    I have exactly the same experience. I am embarrassed to use these words but MTI's support organization sucks. Where is the FX-Chief to address that? Big Chief, No support!!!

  • Ryan Burke commented
    29 Sep, 2017 11:50pm

    This thread is really ridiculous...I have been with MTI for a month.  It is true that they sell their products hard, but it also true that in every webinar, they offer real-time trading ideas that are worth evaluating.  Does that mean you blindly take them and then blame others when the market is not 100% predictable...let's hope not.  MTI, other than the over the top sales pitches, is committed to helping and teaching.   Of course, they try and make money like any of us would if we were them.   I would echo that Will Gomez, the AOD that I have been listening to in the morning is awesome.   Is he always 100% right...not? But to expect that is crazy.  I have been impressed with so much about MTI, and I personally just made 1200 pips in one week.  I would admit that this is probably not something I would expect every week, but the teaching I have gotten was basic, thorough, and clear that trading is a risk, and that proper equity management is key.   Most of the people on this thread are probably not actually listening to the training, and they should not even be allowed to post.  If you don't benefit from the programs you purchase, get your money back with the 60 day guarantee...all you need to do is prove that you actually worked at it.   Trading is takes hours of work to master, and I personally appreciate the massive amount of learning I have gotten through AOD, Will Gomez and MTI... and UCS is really great and powerful...

    Is everything about MTI perfect...of course not, but I for one would say that they are genuine in their desire to both help people learn as well as make shit load of money.   Seems fair to me.  

  • Juan Luis Vazquez commented
    28 Jun, 2017 11:25am

    I agree with everything said by everyone. I have spoken with many students and every single student I have spoken to are very upset and down right pissed off at MTI and its account reps, The courses and software that MTI is selling is never perfect when we receive it. We are the rats in the lab that test the software for MTI. They sell programs with multiple bugs in them. MTI if you are reading this, please fix your products, be responsible and do whats right for the students. Students if you are reading this and you are not happy with anything, do not be afraid to speak out, speak loud too, MTI tends to have a hearing loss, you sometimes need to yell.

  • Bill Welch commented
    20 May, 2017 08:42pm

    I am the same have experience.  I purchase a life time subscription to the charting system  I am not getting feed to update the charts.  I contacted tech service.  They said I would have to contact my account manager.  I called and I was next in line.  I waited 30 minutes without a contacting.  I wrote an e-mail no response yet.  

  • David Miller commented
    3 Feb, 2017 04:47am

    I am entering my comments and supporting (for what good it does) to this issue... I purchased the package at the end of August 2016... A mentorship class was included for the following week and although it was probably premature having Forex experience in the past I went to Orlando and attended the class... I gained a lot from the class that I could draw upon later on... Most importantly I was able to listen Chief that week and discern that he is a man of honor and conviction and his heart is in the right place... The trouble I see is the honor and conviction stops at his door... Additionally I purchased the Power Fib course the first night it was released... The weekly sessions are good but too many people in the room to get a question answered... After the session there is nobody to direct a question to... If you send a question to AOD other than the automated response that it was received there is never a response from an Analyst to the question... I agree the "Account Manager" position is of no use to a client their primary responsibility is sending out emails for sales promos.. Previously I sold software for the Forex market and never left my office with an unanswered email and was always open to doing 1 on 1's with my clients... I came to MTI because I never learned Technical Trading methods and knew that it was a missing link... I have no regrets for what I have spent thus far except there is nobody that is willing to answer questions... I have listened to Will Gomez many times and he is always answers questions during his session but his responsibility is to teach basics and he does a great job at it... Others could learn from him...Try to get an answer from someone regarding Power Fibs... If you call Tech Support they will tell you it is an Analyst question but AOD does not respond... Last week I made a request to my Account Manager to have some questions answered and was told a 1 on 1 would be set up on Monday... I went so far as to make 3 screen shots with my questions on them and emailed them to the person that was to do the session... Monday came and went... This is Friday and I never even got the courtesy of a reply on my email let alone the session that was promised... If anyone from the company even reads these threads I would be happy to pay additional (although I should not have to) to get my questions answered....  This is my only complaint about MTI but it is a big one....

  • Lena Copelin commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:09am

    Agree with you100%  

  • James Greaves commented
    29 Sep, 2016 04:17pm

    i agree. I was expecting so much more of MTI than a constant sales pitch. I should have gone with my intuition and not sifned up. I have been with MTI since June. Solomon Mills led me to believe I would turn my fortunes around but as soon as i signed up I did not hear from him again. I had no idea that it would be a course where I would be needing to upgrade to discover more techniques. Very disappointed also in the analysits. I know that MTI will say that losses are my fault, that is their default position but I have lost substantial money since being with MTI and following the analysts advice. The first was on USDJPY when even the Chief said it was going to boom to 108,. It did not but instead when a fundamental announcemnt was made it  went down significanlty and quickly. Then again with the GBPJPY  was told it was pretty certain that it would go to the 127.080 but it seems to have reversed trend now and again I have lost a lot of money because told to keep the trade going and not to get out too early so as to get profits. If can't trust the analysts at MTI  then what is the point of all the education. i feel angry that people at MTI are making money and I am not and yet I am being asked to pay for more courses without results. I reject the idea that it is entirely my fault. One looks to analysts for their supeiror advice. 

  • James Clark commented
    23 Sep, 2016 06:29pm

    James Clark Please allow me to learn your good methods?

  • James Clark commented
    23 Sep, 2016 06:25pm

    Like the author  I am stumped .  you present a good image of you capabilities then it seems  nothing

  • Ferdinand Holcapek commented
    21 Sep, 2016 12:23pm

    I have the same experience. I also find that there is a complete disregard to the actual learning progress of the individual. I have tried to reach out to actual get answers to problems  or to get information in respect to courses offered to see if they fit my level, it was a waste of time. All I can do is muddle along on my own and slowly make sense out of it. The irony is that both the Chiefs trading room and the Elite classes are very good programs after you have gone through the first 2 weeks trying to understand the change of instructures does not help in learning, yes  they have similar stratigies but different trading approach.  

    I took the first  leveling course offered and ended up loosing 60% of my account due to brexit, believing everything  I heard and trying to follow the the instructions. Was the course worth it I do not know since I was obviously not ready or prepared to take it. Would I take it again  definitely. I have the background now to understand but not the funds.

    I have told my account manager that I will not take any new courses untill I have finished the courses i am taking right now. To give justice he really tries to help where he can but - it is difficult to get specific questions answered.

    In closing I have taking investment course from other sources and must said with all its short comings MTI is the best and most cromprehensive  I have encountered - Spend US$ 7,000.00 on 2 other courses and walked away having learned nothing but the termology of trading. MTI has brought me to the point that I can trade profitable what I need now is consistency.

  • Maximo Aton commented
    29 Aug, 2016 12:25pm

    Maybe we could ask a job description of the Account Manager to under the role. :-)

  • Donald West commented
    3 Aug, 2016 03:06pm

    My experience echoed!

  • Juan Pena commented
    31 Jul, 2016 04:59pm

    Agree with you 100%