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I'm quite surprised that you don't have the best momentum oscillator on the planet Pring's KST

If you know how to use KST with fibonacci and other tools you're way ahead of the crowd. I use and when they added KST, my entering bad trades declined substanially. Yes, the forex is more volatile, but combining it with the other tools, I have used it on the most volatile 3 X ETF NUGT very successfully. Plus KST can be configured for both low and high volatility. This link explains the indicator:

Also I've attached 2 segments of their charts for the ETF DUST. As you can see in seconds you can overlay multiple indicators including price in the same segment. This is particularly helpful as Ease of Movement turns 1st, slope 2nd, and slow stochastics 3rd all which is a precursor to a great entry point. This particular chart has 9 segments with adjustable sizes of view for each segment; all of which can be seen by scrolling the screen. I've attached 2 of my goto segments that have made and saved me a lot of money. 

I went to a forex forum and there are multiple request as to who has this indicator for forex trading. I've been doing this for over 30 years and I consider KST to be just one step below the use of fibonacci retracement.

I should add that although this is available for all time frames it's value starts declining above an hour. 

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  • Jun 2 2016
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