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Elite trading club workspaces

Hi Guys I have an Idea about Elite trading room , I Am member of trading room , from almost the beginning, anyway because I Am newbie , I am struggling find the right strategie , settled in my very busy life. If i pass the frustration with my almost $30,000 education investment with MTI , and over $7000 down on my life account , ( I never give Up) , I have find finally the strategie what is gonna work for me. Its Joshua's strategie. the Issue what I have is , I seen him only one week in Elite trading room . I cant continue without his lead, Its gonna take a while for me to catch every detail of his strategie, what took him , where he is now. 

So I have request: Can I be able download his work spaces even hes not the week as host?? 

I was trying download his upgraded workspaces, but they NOT Up the date. Thank you Petr Robe 

  • Petr Robe
  • Apr 18 2016
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