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Develop a Work Space Bucket List Creation Facility and associated Upload Refresh Facility for the WS's

Each week customers and staff take a lot of time going through a tedious process of deleting / saving WS's in the UCS. Next they have to use the Services Section to select mostly the same WS's from each directory in the download facility. Following this they have to carefully select the downloaded WS's in the directory that was the target of the download so that other preexisting WS's already sitting in the directory don't get multiply created in the UCS. (what a saga each week!)

This can be easily fixed by building a list management tab that will allow a services / download like WS selection facility to create one or more lists of WS's . Options in the facility specify whether to back up in a local directory when deleting WS's from UCS, what to do when a WS in a list cannot be found in the  Services / download area etc. A Bucket List selection facility would be needed to allow the user to specify the groups WS's to be uploaded and then imported.

An alternative to al this is to build data structures that hold processing options, source paths and backup paths and options for each WS in the UCS or in the WS data structure then allow the user to right click on a WS and select Upload/Import/Refresh.

Just a thought! 

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  • Apr 15 2016
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