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Ability to select all bearish or bullish candlesticks with one click

The new candlestick functionality (identifying bearish or bullish candlesticks) in the UCS makes a tedious task easy.  How about adding a one click feature in the drop-down which allows you to select all bearish or all bullish candlestick formations with one click? Many times you are waiting for a bearish or bullish candlestick formation and a CTL break to help establish the direction in which to trade. The one click solution will save time and effort.   That's especially true for handicapped traders like me who rely on voice recognition software to manipulate the charts.  It takes me quite a bit of time to click on the drop-down menu, choose the first bearish or bullish formation, and then having to repeat that process for all of the formations in which I'm interested.

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  • Mar 17 2016
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